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MetaX TCG – Green Lantern Previews #4

Blue and Orange Lanterns get some highlights in today’s look at the upcoming release of the next set of MetaX, Green Lantern. Both sets of Lanterns offer up some interesting effects, with Blue Lantern’s generating some nice effects of basic battle cards, and Orange Lantern’s work on hand manipulation between …read more

MetaX TCG – Green Lantern Previews #3

There’s been a flood of new previews in the last week, all helping build to the release of the first expansion of MetaX; Green Lantern. Today we’ll be looking at some cards that help marry up to a few of the other previewed cards that have been seen to help …read more

MetaX TCG – Green Lantern Previews #2

This week’s previews for the new MetaX TCG expansion, Green Lantern are painting the town red, and may cause a little bit of rage. Red Lantern’s were previewed on the Panini Games blog yesterday, and to help expand upon the playstyle they are setting up, we are revealing our tied in …read more

MetaX TCG – Green Lantern Previews #1

Green Lantern hype has been picking up with the reveal of the White Lantern Corp on the official blog. The power of these characters cannot be understated, and represent a fantastic way to start looking at building a Green Lantern set deck. Our first preview looks at one of the first …read more

MetaX TCG – Demo Kit Requests

Demo kits for MetaX are now available for stores. Interested in the game but want to know how it plays? Request a demo kit for your store! Demo kits support up to 20 players and can be used to support a learn to play day. Request your demo kit now! …read more

Dragon Ball Super Organised Play – Guide for TOs

TAK Games is proud to be running organised play in the Australian region for Bandai’s Dragon Ball Super Trading Card Game. To assist tournament organisers, we have created a Guide for Tournament Organisers in order to assist with player registration and tournament sanctioning requirements. Please don’t hesitate to email us at …read more

MetaX TCG – Justice League Previews #5

We’re on our way to the launch of MetaX at SDCC 2017, and what better way to get pumped up, with a full reveal of our remaining spoilers for the upcoming Justice League set. As noted on the Panini Games blog, there will be a small first look at the …read more

MetaX TCG – Justice League Previews #4

It’s now only three weeks away to MetaX launch, and there is a lot to look forward to. Coming up this week we have SDCC, with Panini Games providing Demos and free promos each day of the convention. This will be a huge chance for people to get a look …read more

MetaX TCG – Previews #3

There’s no escaping the fact that action efficiency is paramount in most games. But in MetaX, where every card in your hand must be carefully planned, and used, it carries an enormous significance if you can extend the use of the plays you make. Today’s previews are some great examples of …read more

Meta X TCG – Justice League Previews #2

While most of your deck in Meta X will be made up of characters and battle cards, it’s also important to add events to help smooth out your game play. Events offer extra ways to advance your strategy, either by creating a powerful effect that would have synergy with your …read more