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Tuesday Tidbits: Autumn Winds

Check below for a rundown on Red Lanterns and White Lanterns from the upcoming Green Lantern expansion. Last week’s post noted that Green Lantern previews will kick off on the Panini Games Facebook page, followed by Black Lanterns receiving an early spotlight on the blog. With Green Lantern spoilers just two …read more

GL Poll Results and Pending Previews!

Check below to see which Green Lantern cards will be revealed first! Green Lantern previews will begin on October 31st, starting with the Ultra Rare card “Green Lantern – Emerald Knight” on the Panini Games Facebook page. Based on the results from this poll, the first faction to be highlighted on the …read more

Tuesday Tidbits: Spoiler Gossip + Tutorial Vid News!

Check below for Green Lantern’s official release date, more preview info, and news about the upcoming “how to play” video for MetaX. Before the formal release of Green Lantern on December 22nd (12/6 ship date), an official MetaX tutorial video will be uploaded by Panini Games. Please look forward to its …read more

Green Lantern Checklist Teasers!

Welcome to the end of the week – see below to find out about the Cross Rares (“XR”) and Ultra Rares (“UR”) from Green Lantern. The burgeoning Justice League metagame has seen two separate paths of growth, as the game’s debut required players to assimilate an entirely new CCG engine while …read more

New Promos and GL Preview Schedule!

Check below for info about October’s Tournament Kit and upcoming Green Lantern spoilers! The next wave of Tournament Kits will rotate to new promos for October, with 20x copies of P2-JL Victorious (participation promo) and 2x copies of P6-JL Superman – Man of Steel (top performer). Tournament Kits are freely available to …read more

“Stamped Effects” in MetaX

How will “team specific” effects be implemented in the next expansion – and beyond? The MetaX TCG engine allows for endless permutations of decks, and Justice League alone has seen a wide variety of Character combinations. Events and Battle Cards (and their ratios therein) must be given consideration in the early …read more

Tuesday Tidbits – GL Faction Rundown!

Check below for more info about MetaX’s next expansion set – “Green Lantern.” When Green Lantern releases on December 1st, a wide variety of new Character Traits will be introduced to the metagame. Last week’s post included a poll, and its results will influence the order of upcoming previews. Whether you’re fully …read more

“Batman Day” Contest Winners and GL Poll!

Check below for winners from last week’s contest, plus a Green Lantern poll! 1) Giveaway Winners In celebration of Batman Day (and Harley’s takeover!), we asked last week: Which Character is stronger in MetaX – Batman or Harley Quinn? The results are in, and Batman claimed a narrow victory! Both Batman and …read more

Tuesday Tidbits: Lanterns on the Horizon

Click below to see the first details of MetaX’s next release – featuring DC’s Green Lantern! First, a reminder that the deadline for our Batman Day giveaway is this Friday. Submit your entries to the Panini Games Facebook page for your chance to win a box! Coming in Winter 2017, the Green …read more

Batman Day Giveaway!

Check below for information about your chance to win a box! DC’s upcoming “Batman Day” (September 23rd) is an annual celebration of all things Batman, and this year features a “Harley Quinn takeover” for her 25th anniversary. You can find a list of participating comic shops here – and be …read more