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Viz Posts “Dragon Ball Super” Manga Chapter 25 English Translation

Continuing onward from the previous chapters, Viz has added their English translation of the Dragon Ball Super manga’s twenty-fifth chapter to their website, continuing the “Future Trunks arc” of the manga. This continues the recent initiative of Viz simultaneously publishing the series’ chapter alongside its Japanese debut, which saw its …read more

Lacco Tower Album “Far Away” Dated For August 2017

Japanese band Lacco Tower has announced that their next album — Haruka (“Far Away”) — will hit shelves 23 August 2017 for ¥3,000 plus tax. The album’s title track is set to debut next month as the ninth ending theme to the Dragon Ball Super television series. Lacco Tower previously contributed …read more

Podcast Episode #0425

You could be forgiven for writing things off as “another year, another fighting game announcement”. This particular reveal, however, was so up our alley that it snapped us right back out of podcast hibernation! Dragon Ball FighterZ has been announced for an “early 2018” release, is a 3-on-3 fighting game …read more

“Rumor Guide” Addition: The Name of Freeza’s Race

Depending on when you entered Dragon Ball fandom, you may have come across — or even personally use! — different names for Freeza’s race. Do you call them “Frost Demons”? Perhaps “Changelings”? And how does the name “Arcosian” fit into this? Despite all the recent additions to the Dragon World through …read more