Podcast Episode #0425

You could be forgiven for writing things off as “another year, another fighting game announcement”. This particular reveal, however, was so up our alley that it snapped us right back out of podcast hibernation! Dragon Ball FighterZ has been announced for an “early 2018” release, is a 3-on-3 fighting game …read more

MetaX Rulebook!

The Rulebook for MetaX is available now!
Version 1.0 of the MetaX Rulebook can be downloaded here. The Rulebook introduces the full mechanics behind some final concepts (such as Team Attacking), and there are useful visual examples of different TKO and HP KO scenarios.
You can also download an image of the …read more

MetaX Demo Deck!

See the Demo Deck below!
The MetaX TCG Demo Deck (featuring cards from the first release, Justice League) is available for download here. This sheet will walk you through several scripted turns -while also expanding on a few basic game rules. The Demo Deck utilizes the basic Battle Cards included in …read more