GL Previews: Hope Burns Bright!

“With strong hearts full, our souls ignite…” – see below for a rundown on Blue Lanterns!

We’re less than a month away from the December 22nd release of Green Lantern – and there are still two factions yet to be previewed! Today, let’s take a look at the Blue Lantern Corps.

Saint …read more

“Dragon Ball XENOVERSE 2” Additional Paid Downloadable Content “Extra Pack 1” Released With New Characters & Free “Hero Colosseum” Mode

Following content teases going back to September, Bandai Namco has released “Extra Pack 1” for Dragon Ball XENOVERSE 2, the fifth paid downloadable content pack for the game. Retailing for $9.99 in America (with varying price points worldwide), this “extra” pack is not covered by the game’s original “season pass” …read more

GL Previews: Call the Police!

See below for the latest spoilers from Green Lantern!

The Green Lantern Corps is the most represented faction in the next set, with twelve different Characters containing the “Green Lantern” Trait. Their card effects range from universal “goodstuff” to situational tech, though a strong deck searching theme usually allows you to …read more