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Tuesday Tidbits: MetaX Demo Video!

See the official “how to play” video for MetaX below: The MetaX Demo video is now available! Panini Games’ Aik Tongtharadol provides a breakdown of the different card types, and then walks you through a sample game. You can also reference this video later on the blog’s sidebar, as well as on …read more

Four for Friday: What’s Next?

As spoiler season comes to an end, see what’s coming up next for MetaX! 1) GL Checklist and Contest The full Green Lantern checklist will be available next week. Alongside its release, watch for a new giveaway on our Facebook Page – with five boxes of Green Lantern up for grabs! Green Lantern …read more

GL Previews: Foils Revealed!

Check below for more previews from Green Lantern, along with a look at the set’s foil pattern! The December 22nd release of Green Lantern looms ever closer, and today we’ll take a look at some of the final previews of the set. Watch for a full Checklist of Green Lantern scans …read more

Podcast Episode #0430

We once again try to get back into the swing of things with what many think is a complicated process, but we have figured it all out: how to best calculate battle powers in the Dragon Ball franchise. Join us, won’t you? SHOW DESCRIPTION: Episode #0430! Mike and Meri discuss how to …read more

MetaX TCG – Green Lantern Previews #4

Blue and Orange Lanterns get some highlights in today’s look at the upcoming release of the next set of MetaX, Green Lantern. Both sets of Lanterns offer up some interesting effects, with Blue Lantern’s generating some nice effects of basic battle cards, and Orange Lantern’s work on hand manipulation between …read more

GL Previews: What’s Mine is Mine…

See below for info about the final faction of the set – the Orange Lantern Corps! Today’s batch of previews showcases the Orange Lanterns – with a heavy dose of Larfleeze! Larfleeze – Powered by Avarice is one of the more universal Orange Lantern effects, as he still gains +1 MP per …read more