Tuesday Tidbits: Autumn Winds

Check below for a rundown on Red Lanterns and White Lanterns from the upcoming Green Lantern expansion.

Last week’s post noted that Green Lantern previews will kick off on the Panini Games Facebook page, followed by Black Lanterns receiving an early spotlight on the blog. With Green Lantern spoilers just two …read more

New Translation: 2005 Dragon Ball GT Dragon Box’s Dragon Book Kōzō Morishita Interview

Our latest translation for the archive comes courtesy of 2005’s penultimate Dragon Box release in Japan: the Dragon Ball GT television series.

In a special “GT Back Then” interview, producer Kōzō Morishita speaks about the sequel series’ original concepts, gradual transitions, and simultaneously treading of both new and old ground.
In light …read more

Podcast Episode #0429

Kazuhiko Torishima has held a massive influence on every aspect of Dragon Ball‘s production, from before it was even a twinkle in Akira Toriyama’s eye, up through the creation of Dragon Ball Kai and beyond. In a fascinating interview with Forbes last year, Torishima discussed his thoughts on the television …read more

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 110 Debuts New Insert Song: “Ultimate Battle” by Akira Kushida

This weekend’s one-hour Dragon Ball Super television special — effectively episodes 109 and 110 aired back-to-back — featured an all-new vocal insert song during its second half, and the first original insert song for the Dragon Ball Super television series: “Ultimate Battle” performed by Akira Kushida.

While the song’s title in …read more

Podcast Episode #0428

One of the best parts of running Kanzenshuu is the wealth of history we get a chance to dive into and archive. This week’s episode takes a look at Akira Toriyama’s arcade machine design from 1993, brings us from 1991 to 1997 to 2010 reviewing different official English releases of …read more

Green Lantern Checklist Teasers!

Welcome to the end of the week – see below to find out about the Cross Rares (“XR”) and Ultra Rares (“UR”) from Green Lantern.

The burgeoning Justice League metagame has seen two separate paths of growth, as the game’s debut required players to assimilate an entirely new CCG engine while …read more